What was your question again?

We’ve done 850+ soirées  and occasions over the past 5 years.  Weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, bar mitzvahs, christenings, product launches, office & store openings, staff surprises, corporate family days, trade shows, real estate open days & Christmas parties.
Here are answers to the questions that everyone asks.

Here’s couple of recent events our carts scooped at.


Q     What is your min. package for cart hire?
A     $745  which includes gelato, waffle cones / cups, napkins, spoons, scooper/s and theatre for up to 110 guests is our starter package for 90 mins.

Q     What do your carts look like? Colour schemes? Umbrella? Menu Board?
A     From 2017 ALL 4 of our carts will have a white livery with mint green branding. See them here. The umbrella with the exact colour scheme you see and black felt framed menu boards on white stand are all part of the package. Website imagery update coming soon!

Q     Can I hire the cart unmanned?
A     No. Unmanned carts, much like unmanned space craft tend to end in a fiery death. We only hire the carts out as a package; scooper, ice cream, cones, cups, spoons & ambience.

Q     Do you require a deposit to confirm a booking?
A     Yes. A %50 deposit is required to lock in a booking, Do to the seasonal nature and high volume of enquiries for dates Oct through Easter we do NOT hold bookings without the deposit.

Q     How long is the standard service window for weddings and birthday parties?
A     One hour 15mins. We can serve up to 150 people in an hour with one scooper.  If you have more than 150 guests at your event you have a couple of options: a second scooper or extend the serving time
Extra time is available in 30 min blocks – add $65 for each half hour .

Q      Where will the carts travel to for events?
A     Across Melbourne and whilst it’s a long ride we head out to Daylesford, Geelong, Torquay,  Ballarat, Bendigo, Healesville, Phillip Island, Portsea, Red Hill / Mornington. There is a travel charge for these and another further flung locales that are more than an hour from Melbourne. It just takes us so long to pedal when we’re fully laden with ice cream goodness.

Q     How long does it take you to set up the cart ready for service at the venue?
A     We arrive 45+ mins service time. The set up takes 20 mins from arrival: unloading, pre set up of the cart outside the venue, wheeling it in, plugging into power, final dressing & laying out napkins, spoons, menu etc… & a final wash of the hands.

Q     What is the min number of guests you cater for?
A     Around 70-80. Events with less tend not to be economical for you or commercially viable for us. Once we account for pre prep, gelato cost, travel, set up and break down time & staff wages, smaller events like a 35 guest child’s birthday party aren’t doable.
We are restoring an old school ice cream truck we’ll be launching in early June 2016 – this truck will be more able to cater for smaller gigs. Enquire here.

Q     Do you do indoor as well as outdoor events?
A      Yes, as long as the cart can get inside the building (we have two cart sizes, the smaller one can access small elevators).

Q     Can you do Tandoori ice cream to match my tan?
A      No. Wash your mouth out now.

Q     We know you charge a wedding tax, Pinterest says all vendors do. Is it %10 or %33 on top like those unscrupulous so ‘n sos from….?
A      No. In our standard packages we price on guest numbers & length of service. Regardless of whether it’s a birthday party or wedding. To be honest we’ll probably jack up our prices by %50 if we get an enquiry from this lot.

Q     Do the carts require power to plug into for events?
A     Yes,  If the event is longer than 1 hour.  English beer maybe ok served at room temp, ice cream needs to be chilled out.
We bring 30m extension cords along events. If there is no power access point within 30m let us know.
We have generators (one of which is called  ‘Whispering Jack’ ) to power your gig if no power source is available (barn, beach, park).

Q     What are the power requirements for cart?
A      The carts run on standard domestic 240v power and only pull 6 amps (about the same as the fridge in your house).

Q    When do you suggest serving ice cream at our wedding?
A    Pre service, post service, pre reception, at the reception on entry or as desert, post desert treat…. so many options! We can help you decide this once we know a little more about your event.

Q     Do you have public liability insurance?
A      Yes. We’ve got public liability insurance for $15 mil just in case this happens.

Q     Has the cart been tested and tagged?
A      Yes. By a bloke with freshly pressed blue King Gee shirt with his name embroidered on it, he was carrying a clipboard and had a razor sharp 2B pencil. So have our extension cords & power boards.

Q     Will the cart fit into …?
The Bike cart style:
Dimensions: Length: 1.90m      Height with umbrella erect: 1.90m      Width: 0.89m
The umbrellas are removable so height is not problem.
The tricycle and freezer are one and CAN NOT be taken apart. Weighs 98kg empty. 120kegs fully laden.

The Push cart style: (will fit into smaller elevators).
Dimensions: Length: 1.10m      Height with removable umbrella: 1.90m      Width: 0.89m
Weighs 90kg empty. 110kegs fully laden.

If you’re unsure whether it will fit  in the lift / down the hall way / around the corner etc measure up the dimensions of the access points / doorways in your venue and take pictures of the access areas & email.
The BIKE carts will NOT fit in many standard office elevators  – whilst the PUSH cart style will.
Flights of stairs are their arch nemesis [the carts CAN NOT be lifted by hand for all of the usual OH&S / Worksafe / Public Liability Insurance reasons]… and we CAN NOT have the guests / staff at an event help, they tend to be a little tipsy when we are moving out at the end of the night and that has become ‘interesting’ in the past.

Have the venue staff measure well. We have arrived at a venue previously that we were assured had been measured up and the cart would fit…. it didn’t and we were unable to serve at the roof top part. PLEASE have the venue staff send photos if you are unsure, before making a booking. Deposits are not refundable.

Q     Will the carts be racing in next year’s Tour De France?
A     Not without serious Lance style enhancement.

Q     Are the carts lit for evening & night events?
A     Yes. Twinkle twinkle little star.
It’s soft lighting … we’re anti 7/11 style neon.

Q    Music?
A     Parisian accordion sounds if you wish… and yes, you should wish.

Q     Did you really go to Gelato School in Italy? Surely you jest!
A     Yes. I’ve taken classes in Sydney, NYC, Italy and was even the work experience kid in a gelateria in Rome for 10 days.

Q     Can you hold that date for us whilst we work out the details?
A     We need a 50% deposit to lock in any booking.

Q    Can we have cups or cones?
A     Either or both with napkins and spoons… little hip wooden ones & colourful plastic ones for the kid in all of us.

Q     Did you ride the cart here from Fitzroy?
(asked by a Verve tipsy bridesmaid at the Convent Gallery, Daylesford).

A     You know I did….

Q    How many flavours can we have?
A     Up to four (there are 4 display slots), good luck choosing. May I be so forward as to suggest choosing at least one sorbet for the intolerant types at your event there will be more there than you expect.

Q    Do you offer gluten free flavours and vegan choices?
A     Yes. All of the sorbets are gluten free and vegan.

Q    Do you offer soft serve ice cream?
A     NO. It’s horrible, evil stuff. (please leave this page now if you also asked the Tandoori question).

Q    Do you do birthday-jump-out-of cakes?
A     Not currently.

Q    What is the server’s standard uniform?
A     Black skirt, shorts or pants and a white shirt. All our scoopers have nice pins, not all are shaved. The scrub their nails and regularly wash behind their ears.

Q Can you help me set up a surprise?
A We are world champion co-conspiritors.

Q    Do you do trade fairs & corporate events?
A    Yes. Here’s one for KissFM

Q    Can we really have Ryan Gosling &  Ruby Rose as our scoopers?
A    Umm.


Why hire one of our carts?

We know we’re as much in the theatre business as well as the ice cream business.
Our scoopers are fun (they don’t stand their like bank tellers yelling ‘Next’ at your guests.

We have seen great parties and weddings and some flat ones. Happy to share our suggestions on how to incorporate a cart to make your party memorable.

We’re organised: send out final confirmation emails the week before your event to confirm: final guest numbers, on site contacts, load in & access details, flavour choices and back up plans. We can’t confirm or deny that the Australian military are trying to steal our run sheet templates to organise their next offensive.

We play nice in the sand pit with other kids. (wedding planners, stylists, florists, corporate event co-ordinators, trade show stand builders, your bestie who’s organising your party).

If things get tricky on the day…. power outage, blows a gail, 44c heat, torrential rain. We’ve seen it, we’ll deal with it.
We’ll figure out how to make it all work.

When you book us, we’ll take care of the details so you don’t.

Our ice cream cart experience is fun. It wows people. It will bring smiles to faces.
Your guests will be talking about it and #lategram-ing it for ages.

We nail surprises like a BOSS.


~ Scott Kilmartin



Ice cream is exquisite – what a pity it isn’t illegal.” ~ Voltaire



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